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Institute of Surface Science and Technology

Institute of Surface Science and Technology

There are 7 teachers in the Institute of Surface Science and Technology, including 3 professors and 4 associate professors. The institute consists of two research groups: corrosion control and surface/interface science, electrochemical engineering and materials. It undertakes more than 30 projects including the National Program on Key Basic Research Project (973 Program), National Key Research and Development Project, National Natural Science Foundation and National High-tech Engineering Project, major bottleneck technologies for national defense and international cooperation programs. The institute has carried out researches on advanced surface protection technologies in the fields of aerospace, defense weapons, biomedicine, nuclear energy fusion, new energy, etc., providing important support for national economic construction, major engineering construction and national defense construction.

Main research directions:

1. Intelligent anti-corrosion coating and surface technology

2. Genetic engineering research of materials for polymer and coating environmental failure

3. Environmental failure and protection of functional materials and devices

4. Microbial corrosion and antibacterial/antifouling surface technology

5. Synthesis and modification of silicone coating resin

6. Bio-based green coating resin and filler

7. Preparation of functional coatings using PVD, CVD, spray, sol-gel, electro-deposition

8. Development of functional ceramics and devices

9. Electrochemical preparation and application of materials/nanomaterials

10. Oxidation failure mechanism and protection technology in high temperature, multiphase and complex environments

11. Corrosion safety evaluation and life assessment of engineering materials and industrial equipment

12. Production technology and equipment of high-speed coating steel plate, hydrometallurgical new technology of energy-saving environmental protection, development of new energy materials, etc.