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The team of Professor Li Xiaogang of our school won the first prize of Beijing Science and Technology Invention in 2019

Our country’s major equipment is rapidly expanding to the harsh natural environment such as the deep sea. The poor corrosion resistance of domestic low-alloy steel is a problem that restricts the "own brand" and its "going out" strategy. Fewer varieties and lack of supporting application technologies have severely reduced the international competitiveness of major equipment and directly threatened national defense and energy security.

In response to the above problems, Professor Li Xiaogang takes the establishment of advanced corrosion-resistant steel control theory and evaluation technology, and breaks through the obstacles of independent brand steel development and supporting technology development. He leads the team to cooperate with many well-known steel companies such as Shougang, Nangang and Anshan Iron and Steel. Working on corrosion-resistant low-alloy steel for more than ten years, with the support of the National 973, Beijing, and school-enterprise projects, established a complete set of corrosion-resistant control theory, promoted the development of a series of high-performance low-alloy corrosion-resistant steel; invented technology based on big data The corrosion-resistant life evaluation technology shortens the research and development time by 50% and plays an international leading role; the developed series of corrosion-resistant steel and supporting technologies are used in key projects at home and abroad, such as the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics facilities, the Guanting Reservoir Bridge, and the China-Malaysia Friendship Bridge. , Filling the domestic gap and playing a leading role in the international arena, meeting the strategic needs of the country’s major equipment "going out". It has realized the upgrading of my country's low-alloy corrosion-resistant steel, demonstration and industrialization of major projects, and has made important contributions to the high-quality development of my country's steel industry and the "Belt and Road" international cooperation. After many selections, he finally won the first prize of Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Invention Award in 2019.

Related research results obtained 2 international invention patents and 51 national invention patents; published 156 SCI papers, which were cited 8404 times by 1,560 institutions in 56 countries/regions; published 5 monographs represented by "Corrosion Resistant Low Alloy Steel"; 7 national standards and 24 industrial standards. The Chinese Society for Corrosion and Protection organized the evaluation of the project's results and believed that "trace element regulation and big data evaluation technology is an international initiative." The project won the highest research award and technical contribution award from the International Association of Corrosion Engineers, and has had a significant international influence. The series of products developed by the project, such as marine corrosion-resistant steel and coating-free bridge steel, have the largest market share in the past ten years, and related achievements have been applied to more than 20 key projects at home and abroad. In the past three years, the accumulated production exceeded 12.27 million tons, the total income was 43.5 billion yuan, and the newly increased profits and taxes were 1.25 billion yuan, which produced significant economic and social benefits. It also laid the foundation for Beijing to become a national corrosion science data center and a high-precision corrosion-resistant new material research and development center.