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Postgraduates of Materials Science and Engineering Faculty new semester ceremony held at the Changping Innovation Zone

9 am on 20th September, the ceremony for postgraduates new semester from the Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering was held at square in front of the main building of the Changping Innovation Zone, USTB. Weidong Zhang, the director of the Changping Innovation Zone Administration Office, Yanbing Zong, Secretary of the Changping Innovation Zone Party Committee, Zhihao Yao, the deputy dean of the postgraduates administration institute, Dapeng Chen, the vice director of the students affaire office, etc.. were invited to attend the ceremony. Luning Wang, the Dean of the Materials Science and Engineering Faculty, Xiuqin Xia, Secretary of the State key lab of advance metals Party Committee, Qian Li, Secretary of the Institute for Advanced Materials and Technology Party Committee attended the ceremony. Nearly 900 new postgraduates also attended the ceremony via on line or at site.

The ceremony was started in the National anthem. Qi Miao, the representative of the postgraduates year 2019 gave a speech. She reviewed her campus life and encouraged her fellow juniors to set a clear goal at the beginning of the postgraduate study. She wished all postgraduates good future and to be the pearls of the USTB.

 Staff of the faculty then give the representatives of postgraduate the university badge. The badge represents the hope of the faculty and also the inheritance of USTB spirit.

Wang Haoxing, the representative of the postgraduates year 2020, gave a speech. He call his fellow mates to work hard and build confidence. During the time in USTB, one shall follow the roles of research, take all responsibilities.

Professor Li Jingyuan , the representative of professor, extended a warm welcome and congratulations to the freshmen. She said that in the new era, the freshmen of grade 2020 shouldered the mission bravely, studied steadfastly, and completed the transformation from an "educated person" to a "researcher" as soon as possible. They should have the courage to challenge themselves, chase their dreams, turn "impossible" into "possible" and overcome difficulties , develop your skills and create your own wonderful life.

Zong Yanpin on behave of the Changping Innovation Zone, said that Wu Guilong , Secretary of the Party committee of the University, and Renshu Yang, President of the university, proposed to build Changping Innovation Zone into a "high-end talent training base, scientific and technological innovation base, and transformation base of scientific and technological achievements", and strive to build the zone into a "gem on the crown" and a "peak on the plateau" for the development of the university. In order to achieve this goal, teachers, students and staff of the zone have made concerted efforts to continuously improve the working mechanism of collaborative education and three comprehensive education in the park, which has won the unanimous praise of the former graduate students after returning to university. At the same time, he also hopes that the students will embrace their new identity in this year, and become the excellent and beautiful people in the park.

At last Wang Luning , Dean of the Faculty concluded the ceremony. He said that Materials Science and Engineering subject in the USTB has a long history and excellent tradition of material science, with the most top teachers and rich scientific research resources in the field of material science in China. In the future, our shoulders will also shoulder the glory and responsibility of Beijing University of science and technology materials people. He put forward several expectations for all the freshmen of the Department: first, he hoped that students would not forget their original intention and devote themselves to learning; second, he hoped that students would be cautious of arrogance and rashness and be down-to-earth; third, he would "practice hard" to actively try to explore and learn and grow up in frustration; fourth, he would become a useful person, and at the same time, he would realize his personal value and contribute to the prosperity and prosperity of the country and the people National rejuvenation and human progress contribute.

After the opening ceremony, Professor Zhang Shengen, Deputy director of the Institute for advanced materials and technology, delivered a lecture on "eliminating academic misconduct and strictly observing academic integrity" for all the freshmen. He drew a clear academic red line, emphasized scientific research discipline, and put forward clear requirements for students who have just stepped into more professional research fields

The ceremony was closed at the high note.