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Professor Xiaogang Li, an example of teacher ethics and an advanced worker in Beijing, lectures party classes to teachers and students of th

Combining the demands of the study and education of party history, centralized training of party members, and special education for teacher ethics, the Party Committee of the Institute for Advanced Material and Technology specially invited Professor Xiaogang Li, an example of teacher ethics and an advanced worker in Beijing, to give a party class with the theme of " learning from history, educating people for the party and educating talents for the country" on May 21, 2021, afternoon. The event was held in the corrosion building, and all the teacher and student party members of the institute participated thematic studies online and offline.

Professor Li's lectures are divided into four parts: classical university lasting for 1500 years, recent university lasting for 1000 years, modern university lasting for 120 years and university outlook. First of all, by comparing the outstanding graduates of classical universities existing from 500 BC to 1000 AD, modern universities existing from 1000 AD to 1900 AD, and modern universities existing from 1900 to 2021, he showed the glorious history of 2500 years of university development and the status quo of modern universities in the world, which were easy to be understood for all teachers and students. Secondly, Professor Li put forward the prospect of the future university, and at the same time proposed that "big data technology" and "artificial intelligence" are benefited for the combination/integration of the three major sections of science: social science, natural science, and ideological science, and provide a platform for scientific development, which will completely change the internal structure of science and the future of human society. Li explained the profound things in a simple way, described the main development direction of future science. He encouraged teachers and students to strengthen their ideals and beliefs, cultivate patriotic feelings, and be down-to-earth in education and research in universities, so as to contribute to the construction of “ double first-class ” university and celebrate the centennial birthday of the Communist Party of China with outstanding achievements.

By reviewing history, the Party class taught by Professor Li guided and encouraged teachers to adhere to the Party's educational policy, be a firm believer and a faithful practitioners of the socialism with Chinese characteristics, be a great scholar consciously, and be a demonstration of the students

In the last part of the lecture, six students talked about their feelings and gains. Everyone said that this party class broaden their thoughts. Not only did they have a clear concept of "university", they also had a better understanding on future study and research.